The transformation and upgrading of foreign trade needs to be classified and studied
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The transformation and upgrading of foreign trade needs to be classified and studied

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In recent years, the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade is often mentioned. China also attaches great importance to this. For example, the ministry of commerce has identified 255 national bases for foreign trade transformation and upgrading, covering such fields as textiles and clothing, mechanical and electrical products, agricultural products, light industrial products, hardware and building materials, new materials, medicine and professional chemicals.

In the past year, as a media and researcher, the author has interviewed and observed foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases in more than a dozen countries. Such as Qingdao base for cieme area (clothing), xinji city, hebei province (clothing), total base in hebei province (cashmere), yuhang district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province, home textile base, base for liaoning donggang (strawberry), baicheng city of jilin province (mixed beans) in zhejiang province, jiangsu province pizhou base (garlic), closing hillsides base (edible fungus), shandong zhaoyuan base (fans), jujube fushun base (fur), hebei province, hebei province field new base (bags), the Beijing economic and technological development zone (biomedical) base.

The observations are a mixture of surprise and concern. Xi is Qingdao cool, so to realize intelligent manufacturing and personalization of advanced garment manufacturing enterprises, there are good at will usher in the Italian fashion brands and the international brand localization of well-known garment enterprises, shandong source of health food do pea deep processing enterprise, can isolate a large number of exports from the pea protein, and the Beijing e-town garden so engaged in high-tech medicine research and development of biological medicine industrial park. The worry is that some agricultural production bases are just spectacular industrial clusters with many local practitioners, but their main business is to export rough processed raw materials to foreign countries. Although some light industrial products technology base industry chain is very complete, abundant raw materials, practitioners and the product quantity, it's a pity that the stronger the representation of the enterprise is too little, visibility is limited, many factories are just doing OEM, although can attract international big brands to come looking for OEM factory and purchasing raw material, but most of the practitioners adhere to the industrial chain and mid-range hard to earn money. Another worrying situation is that some foreign trade bases with high concentration of industries are obsessed with "scale" in the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade. Local relevant departments use administrative means to concentrate practitioners in a small number of shopping malls. As a result, the scale rises rapidly, but the connotation and quality are not improved very uncertain.

On the whole, the transformation and upgrading efforts of foreign trade transformation and upgrading base should be said to be on the way. It has not only extensive and low added value phenomenon in the past, but also produced some domestic models, which is just a good time to start after summing up experience. In this process, we should not only learn from domestic examples, but also follow the advanced enterprises and practices of advanced countries and regions in the world.

For example, the upgrading of agricultural products and foreign trade transformation and upgrading base can be combined with bio-pharmaceutical technology, allowing some enterprises to learn from shandong and other provinces that have done well.

For example, the transformation and upgrading base of textile and garment foreign trade can not only learn intelligent production and personalized customization mode from Qingdao kute and other enterprises, but also learn brand upgrading and design upgrading experience from Italian clothing brands. Hebei xinji sea blue clothing co., ltd. and Qingdao kute exchange learning more.

Such as light industrial base for technology products such as bags, you can take to Italy in the northeast and central emerging industrial zone (area) is called the third Italy to study, learn Italian why these areas also is give priority to in order to small and medium-sized enterprises, is also producing bags and other light industry products, each other why can make brand awareness and fashion design trends, which produce high added value. According to the author's opinion: enterprise size is not the bigger the better, is not the smaller the better, but the more appropriate the better, big and big style, small and small wonderful, can not meet the bottleneck of transformation and upgrading on the rapid merger of enterprises to high scale, scale is performance, quality is performance, small and medium-sized enterprises can also have a strong competitiveness.

At the same time, the relevant departments, research institutes and it is necessary to do some fundamental work of knowledge, informative, such as compiling the best case and the typical enterprise of foreign trade transformation and upgrading the base ", the international advanced experience on foreign trade transformation and upgrading of the base of the revelation of books, reports, make foreign trade transformation and upgrading of the base and enterprise can know some real, tangible example, in this way can who learn how to learn more polite, more concrete, more can be implemented.

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